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MTM 2019

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MTM 2019

Post by spud1979 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:16 pm

The Mini as we know it was launched to an unsuspecting public in August 1959 and the motorists of the 50’s had never before seen such a funny looking car that seemed to be bigger on the inside than on the outside with all the clever use of space in Alex Issigonis masterpiece of packaging. Nobody watching the first Minis roll down the production line in 1959 ever thought that it would have a production lifespan that would span six decades and finally see it withdrawn from production in October 2000.
A product of this long lifespan is that the Mini became a part of the furniture on streetscapes all over the World for many years and many people have had one as a first car or learned to drive in one and have fond memories of them. Mini Clubs sprung up all over the World and not to be left behind and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mini,a bunch of enthusiasts from Dublin came together to form the Irish Mini Owners Club and this year the IMOC celebrates its 30th anniversary.
All the big anniversaries of the Mini are celebrated in style and the IMOC in 1999,then in its 10th year, wanted to mark the 40th Mini anniversary with a special event and the idea was hatched to drive from Mizen head in Cork to Malin head in Donegal in a day. Plans were made and routes were plotted and finally on the morning of the 5th of July 1999,the first of 57 entrants left Mizen head and headed North towards Malin head. No Mizen to Malin or MTM as it would come to be known would be complete without mechanical difficulties but Northwards they all travelled towards Mizen head and they waited in the dark for the final car to arrive,eventually Mick O Shea for Cork in his Moke arrived in the darkness into the car park of Malin head and the legendary road run that is MTM was born.
Over the years MTM has ran South to North, North to South, South to the middle,1 day events,2 day events and 3 day events and every year the route is different to the year before. There has been early starts, late starts, happy heads and sore heads, wrong turns and big offs, blown head gaskets galore, more dodgy wheel bearings than a Chinese factory can make in a year, mistakes in route books, roadside repairs and more importantly, laughs and memories that will last a lifetime.Every year since 1999,MTM has ran and this year to celebrate 20 years of MTM and to thank all of those who organised and participated in all those MTMs down through the years we will be recreating the original route from 1999 and doing our best to stick to the original route.
So early on Saturday morning down in Mizen head on the 11th of May come along and join us as we once again get ready to point our Minis North and head for Malin head and be part of the 20th running of MTM and if you feel like it, take a sponsorship card and help us raise funds for Temple St. Childrens Hospital who we have been helping for many years.Below is a link to the entry form and upon receipt of you entry,you will receive an MTM newsletter with all the event details and accommodation details as well.As we get closer to the event you will receive regular updates to keep you informed about MTM 2019.
Looking forward to seeing you in West Cork in early May
MTM 2019 Team

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Re: MTM 2019

Post by kerryminigringo » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:54 am

The entry form is available in the download section of the forum homepage or you can click on this link to bring you there.
http://www.irishminis.ie/downloads/mtm/ ... ryform.pdf
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